The last time I sincerely wrote on my blog was right before I started my job at TXI. Since then, I’ve done so much, learned so many new things, that I could’ve filled up my TIL category with heaps of fascinating stuff! I’ve risen from Apprentice, to Associate, to Consultant. I went from a W/S/C organizer, to the Board president, I’ve attempted to build a zine series. I’ve created and shared so many cool tools! I’ve worked on so many fascinating projects, and used all of my energy toward the success of my roles.

First came excitement for something new, then came focus, then came guilt, then came shame, then came avoidance. It’s a sad and vulnerable thing to admit, but just as i’ve grown in my technological prowess, so have I grown in my emotional intelligence, mostly about myself. And with that, I put it in my goal to rekindle the praxis I had setup for myself to share what I learn, and keep a line open for getting to know me better, by way of this site. Its like, returning to a garden that’s been overtaken with plants and debris, and committing to care and nuture, because that garden is me, and I deserve the time and effort.

The fun thing about this return is that it allowed me to revisit where I was when I last left. I actually had quite a bit of drafts about new and interesting things i’d learned, and have already created a list of things that I want to document my learning of. It gave me a moment to clear out the shame, give myself grace, and be proud of what i’ve accomplished in the past 5 years.

My plan for my blog is to take a more routine approach of posting, and perhaps continue to utilize the path DBC started me on with technical and cultural posts, which is exactly the kind of work I do now.

So stay tuned, everyone! and stay excited, because finally, there’s more to come.