prepare to go down a rabbit hole!

Today, I found out about a lot of cool things folks are making, and it reminds me that tiny things can often times be the most impactful things we can make!

Here are a few amazing things you should check out:

- Appolition :

This is a new app launched today that will collect round-up change from your every-day purchases and donate it on your behalf towards bailing out incarcerated folks. This is such a powerful project, I just may talk about it in it’s own post soon. you should sign up!!

- Using Trello as a CMS :

Carly Ho just shared this post they made a while back, but it BLEW MY MIND! I was aware that you could use

- Woof.js :

Earlier this summer, my niece and nephew wanted to build a game, and I said, OK, sure, I can figure out how to do that!, and I discovered Woof.js. just go to the site, and play with it, it’s my absolute favorite!

- Carbon :

This is a super cute app that lets you make images of code snippets, I’m going to use the images I made in a new post very soon!

- Alchemy :

After reading about the creators of Carbon, I learned about another tiny tool they created called Alchemy, which is a simple way to get a bunch of images and translate them into a PDF file. It reminded me that I need to checkout Electron, and that react can be used for more than just web apps.

Fun, Right?

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