I’ve been honored to speak at the following:


Here are all the lovely presentations I’ve made

(and some I hope to give again! #InviteMeToSpeak )

A11y OOP! 5 things I do to make code more accessible

Death & Open Source: An Ofrenda to my tech ghosts

getZINE to know you! a Zine workshop for teams


It’s ama-ZINE all that you can do!

10 Fun Facts about Emoji

So You Want To Build A thing

My Bitstrip & I

This, That, and the Other Thing

The Four A’s


HTML 101

CSS 101

JS 101

What The Framework?!

Keep It 100

Know Better. Do Better.

Coming Soon

Nail Conf

Big-O Notation

ThinkLaunch Coding Academy

Init To Exe