Here’s a set of things that I’ve created:

Tech Stuff

  • [Non-Binary Folks In Tech Zine]

    A 4-volume series of zines showcasing 100 non-binary folks in tech.

  • Nail-Scratch

    A tiny web toy to scratch the interwebs, remixed from CharStile’s Nail Project

  • IDAT (I Did A Thing)

    A way to share things fellow QTPOC have made

  • Commit-odoro

    A Ruby gem to remind you to commit! (Coming Soon)

  • Represents Me

    A site to see who represents you, using Google Civic API

Design Stuff

  • United Latinx Pride Flyers

    6 years of Marketing materials I’ve designed

Creative Stuff

  • Keys By Kara

    An Etsy shop of beautiful key earrings for sale

  • The Pair-A-Palooza Experience

  • get-ZINE-to-know-you Zine

  • How to Emcee a Conference Zine

  • Get That BITCOIN Zine

Other Stuff

stay tuned…