A reflection on DBC’s “Kitchen vs. Restaurant” Culture.

Before I was accepted into DevBootcamp, I understood it to be a hyper intensive space, for people who wanted to dive into the world of Web Development, and crawl out a champion of the web, being sucked into amazing agencies, big and small, living the tech dream… What I have come to be very excited for is the cultural elements of DevBootcamp, learning mindfulness, growing my Emotional Intelligence, and now, the concept of the Kitchen Culture.

Being Blaxican, (that is, mixed, Latin@ and Black) I have been raised to revere and honor the kitchen.As the centerpiece of nourishment, my people spend all our most cherished times in the kitchen, with our abuelas and grannies, chatting away, learning traditions, tricks of the trades, and getting our hands dirty, whether that be kneading tortilla dough, or washing the stove from head to toe, we all contribute, by hand, voice, or tongue, in that kitchen.

In addition, coming from the Nonprofit industry, from offices that barely hold two desks, but house 4 staffers, and computer labs that are on their last leg, yet sustain the pressure of a thousand new minds to ignite, I’ve had well over my share of rolling my sleves up and taking on the challenge of making things happen for me and the organization, with whatever we’ve got. (much like a deliciously creative leftover meal)

So perhaps it is no suprise to me that i’ve jumped head first into another kitchen culture, ready to taste, explore, be guided by the variety of experiences others will bring, and be ready to roll my sleves up, put my hairnet on, and make things happen!

I am enthralled that this is the way DevBootcamp strives to continue as they grow, and it is my hope that when I do rise victorious from it’s doors, that I am welcomed into another space that can carry on the kitchen culture i’ve grown to thrive in.

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