In the process of researching various static site generators may be best for the relaunch of my organization United Latinx Pride’s website, I stumbled upon a site that talks about a stack I hadn’t heard of before.


The JAM stack consists of Javascript, APIs, and Markup. There’s a whole community building around the JAMstack, and its uses.

The site, https://jamstack.org/ has a detailed look at the pros & cons of building with a JAMstack, and examples of a few well-made sites built with it.

I’m really happy to hear an influx of folks seeing this combination of languages and frameworks as a viable and professional option, I think it lets folks build light and impactful things.

In 2018, I’d like to be building more stuff with things like Airtable, Contentful, Hugo, Jekyll, and Netlify.

Long live the JAMstack!