Today, quite a lot came through my desk, but a larger theme of christmas came out, that I wanted to share.

🎁 React.Christmas

I came across this site today, and I had a few thoughts:

  1. OMG how cute is this URL react.christmas?! It led me down a mini rabbit hole to seeing what other sites are using this Top-Level Domain (AKA gTLD)

  2. What a smart idea to try to build a tiny thing, scoped only to 24 days, with tiny chunks of useful info.


So check out react.christmas

🎁 Advent Of Code

This is a cool daily challenge that’s been going on since Dec 1, and it’s a great way to do some mini puzzles and get a cute tree lit up! I had a lot of fun trying to decode the sponsor’s secret puzzles…

If you want to join my private dashboard to completing a few of the challenges, ping me on my Advent Of Code Repository

Check out Advent Of Code

🎁 24 Pull Requests

Give back lil gifts of Open Source with 24 pull requests! its a fun way to get to know new projects that are looking to get contributions, and are super welcoming to new folks.

Check out 24 Pull Requests

🎁 Rails 5.2

Rails is getting better and better every day.

Meta TIL: I just learned in 5.1 Default Primary keys are set to BIGINT, not INT!!

DHH, the creator of rails, recently posted some info about the beta release of Rails 5.2, bringing a new framework ActiveStorage and a new way to deal with credentials! The official release will be made before the end of this year, so there’s lots to look forward to and get ready for with Rails!

Read up on Rails 5.2

🎁 Ruby 2.5

Every year, right before christmas, a new version of Ruby is released! This year, we’re waiting for Ruby 2.5.0, and though the preview has been out for a bit, it’ll be nice to set aside time to get a clean new version of Ruby out to play with in time for the new year

Ruby 2.5 Preview

🎅 One last note

Knowing these things are going on, along with real-life comin’atcha with friends and family being around, it’s tempting to try to do ALL THE THINGS, but as I mentioned in a past post, One New Toy At A Time.

My hope is that you find one of these gifts delightful, useful, or inspires you to code a bit, while finding time to enjoy your holidays!

Enjoy the gifts!! 🎁🎁